Giuseppe Licari
  echoes of a dead rabbit  

Echoes of a Dead Rabbit

Centre d'Art Nei Liicht, Dudelange, Luxembourg, 2018.
Exhibition with photographs, installations and sculptures. 2016-2018 Slides projection, 80 identical slides, projector.

Echoes of a Dead Rabbit consists on the projection of the same dia over and over again. The picture of the rabbit, dead due to intoxication because living in a toxic environment, shows signs of a tormented death. The slight movements of the dia gives the impression of the rabbit to get on his legs and start running again. The sound of the slide projector dictates a tic toc like in a clock.

Curated by Sofia Eliza Bouratsis and Danielle Igniti. Photo by Cristian Mozar.

  echoes of a dead rabbit