Giuseppe Licari
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I am your light

Kijk de maagd in de ogen! Museum night, Rotterdam 2010.
Wood, paint, blue rope light, metal connections.
Dimensions: 200 x 2200 cm.

I am your light was a project first realized for a single evening event, during the museum night in Rotterdam. It was later placed in its permanent location on the wall of an art community.
These buildings are given to artists for an uncertain period of time, waiting for investors to develop the plots of land, taking them down and rebuilding them again in a cheap way, that will be probably taken down again in 30 years. People in Rotterdam, change house almost every 3 months so they remain disconnected from the neighbourhood in which they live and usually fail to create a collective identity. The text was dedicated to one of the most revolutionary figures of Rotterdam, eventhough she is still widely unknown to the inhabitants, Kaat Mossel (Catharina Mulder), which fought against the Patriots and supported the Oranges in the 18th century.

This project was made possible with the support of St. Occupying Space, St. Nac, Fonds BKVB.


  i am your light