Giuseppe Licari
  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari  

Illegal busstop 3081-3089

A citizens’ protest against regulations on gatherings in public spaces, series of 6 events in different locations in Rotterdam, summer 2007.
In collaboration with Stichting Kick, Kamiel Verschuren and Alain Hurel. Mobile bus stop, tables, food and drinks.

With Illegal Bus stop the topic of public space and its use became the main issue. Soon after I moved to the Netherlands, in collaboration with two other artists, we organized a series of performance/events in which, during the whole summer, we were pushing around a mobile bus stop, built from an original one and placed on wheals, through the city of Rotterdam. Six different events were organized in six locations, where it is prohibited by law, to gather with more than 3 people. The idea was to re-appropriate the public space and, at the same time, to generate discussions over the issue of its use and the impact of these regulations, in the social life of the community. The mobile bus stop was a sort of mobile bar, where passers-by could get free food and drinks.
Tables and chairs were also brought to complete the reappropriation of the public space.


  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari