Giuseppe Licari
  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari  


Wrong time Wrong place, Tent, Centre for Visual Arts, Rotterdam, 2007.
PVC pipes, water dripping system, paint, metal connections, water,
buckets. Dimensions variable.

With the Leaking project a fake pipe was crossing the entire exhibition space, loosing water in 11 different points. The experience of surprise to the people entering the museum and seeing it in a state of precarious condition was becoming clear once they crossed the entire space and found out that the whole building was leaking. The personnel of the museum was instructed to take care of the leakage opening and closing the main water valve every day (this in order to prevent the exhibition space to be flooded) and at the same time to put additional empty buckets under the leakage every time one was getting full. The sound generated by the dripping water, the water reflections and the full buckets under the leakage, taking over the space during the one month exhibition, are the real materials of this work which gave shape and solid state to one of the most common but still most important resource in our planet, the water.

Photo by Suknovic Mladen.


  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari