Giuseppe Licari
  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari  


Academy in the station, Train station, Bologna, Italy, 2004.
4 hours performance, distributing 100 egg shape flyers with my childhood memories written on the back.

During the exhibition Academy in the station, organized in memory of the terrorist attack of the 1980, I realized a performance in which I was interacting with the public through a flyer, in the shape of a fried egg and with several of my childhood memories written at the back. It was a silent performance during which I was dressed up as a bold middle age man. My memories were written in a very sincere way, in order to inspire the public with different kind of thoughts. Below the memory text, there was an e-mail address through which people could get in contact with me to discuss further the topic of the performance, which concerned the use and sharing of a place like the train station, that is actually a non-place as described by Marc Augé. Two persons reacted by e-mail initiating a 2 year long discussion on public space and its use.

Photo by Dora Pistillo.


  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari