Giuseppe Licari
  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari  

Serial swing

Kasteel van Rhoon, Rhoon, The Netherlands, 2009.
Metal chains, metal profiles and connections, Asobe wood, metal cables. Serial Swing for five people: 285 x 163 x 20 cm.
Serial Swing has adaptable number of seats and dimensions, to fit the space that is hosting it.

With Serial Swing, five individual swings are connected to each other through a small chain and hanged on the structural beams of the attic of a castle. The sculptural device had to be used at least by 3 people, in order to work properly. The swing that normally gives emotions to one person becomes a device for collective ones. A person alone would feel very lonely in this swing! In order to enjoy it, people have to collaborate and synchronize with each other, generating at the same time a huge amount of energy.

This work was made possible with the support of Fonds BKVB.


  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari