Giuseppe Licari
  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari Photo by Barbara Tilbout  

Tetris Wall

A project for the wall in Wolphaertstraat. Winner of the competition: Kunst op kopgevel, Wolphaertstraat, Charlois, Rotterdam 2009.
A tetris page with the 240 recognized countries in the world. Total dimensions: 720 x 1120 cm. 350 tiles: each one 40 x 40 cm. Ceramic tiles, wood, wall plugs, paint, silicon, polyurethane foam, aluminium clumps, screws.

The Tetris Wall is a project realized on a wall of a multi ethnic community, which is currently under social and political changes. For this project I started by collecting all the world flags. I decided that all countries recognized by at least an other one would be part of the Tetris Wall. So I combined their flags by color in a series of Tetris customs. This generated an ongoing Tetris page, representing all the world population. Tetris is one of the games in which the player can only loose and never win. The inhabitants share the same place but not their traditions. In this way I tried to give to the people their personal history, condensed into a flag, shared in a collective and global history.

This work was made possible with the support of St. Kick, CBK Rotterdam, St. NRC, St. Volkskracht,Deelgemeente Charlois, de Nieuwe Unie, OZB fonds, Deltaport Donatie fonds, VSB fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds BKVB.


  swinging the lamp, giuseppe licari Photo by Sjoert Willemstein