Giuseppe Licari

The Promised Land


The Promised Land

PAE - BeHave, Le Fonds Belval, Belval, Luxembourg 2016.
Photograph from the series" The Promised Land". Light box dimensions: 180 x 270 x 18 cm.
Kodak Duratrans, aluminum frame, led lights.

The Promised Land is the title of a photographic series, capturing the birth of new soil (slag), a by-product of the steel industry. The land that once was rich in iron is now poor and toxic, accumulated in slag heaps all around the industry, sometimes reaching 50 meters in height. The way Licari frames these processes with the camera brings our imagination to exotic places or other planets, immerging the spectator into a new world.

This work is part of the Schlak project, the result of a six months residency in Belval, Luxembourg. Public Art Experience - BeHave was curated by St├ęphanie Delcroix and Michael Pinsky.

  The promised land