Giuseppe Licari
  the sky in a room, giuseppe licariPhoto by Suknovic Mladen

The sky in a room

Sconfinamenti, Hommes Foundation, Rotterdam 2007.
Castagne tree, metal connections, fire, hair lack. Dimensions variable, ca. 1500 x 800 x 1000 cm.

Nature has always been a big passion and the relation of nature and man made environments is something I very often try to confront in my work. The Sky in a Room was inspired by the forests’ fires that in 2007 destroyed a big part of the south of Europe. They were largely man made fires, intending to generate new land available for building speculation. In order for this to happen, criminals were paid to burn the forests that later become free land for constructors. A sick tree was cut down by the municipality of Rotterdam, given to me and then cut in smaller pieces, archived, burned and re-built inside the exhibition space, against the architectural surfaces of the gallery. The trunk of the tree was removed in order to give the public a different physical relation to the tree itself and to the white sterilized space of the gallery. During the opening, artificial smoke embraced the piece and the public into a dramatic image of these fires.

This project was supported by Hommes foundation and the Municipality of Charlois.




swinging the lamp, giuseppe licariPhoto by Suknovic Mladen


  the sky in aroom